When you look into your mothers eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.


I can’t thank my mom (Tanya) enough for taking the time to be there for me in my darkest and brightest of days.  She always made it to EVERY single track meet, soccer game, and practice, and was the first person to tell me how capable and proud she was of me.  That is something I will always remember and cherish. Throughout the tougher times of my life, she was my support beam and always reminded me of my inner strength and that it too shall pass.  Knowing that there is someone who will always be there for you and love you no matter what you say or do, is something that is priceless.  I couldn’t imagine going through life without her and I am so incredibly thankful that she was placed in to my life.  I love you mom.  I’d also like to thank my birth mom (Nicole) for being there for me in my toddler years and for giving me her everlasting love.  Even though I cant remember much, or see, or feel her, I know that she is always watching over me with a smile on her face.  I cant wait until the day that I can see her again.  I think it is incredibly important to thank all of our moms for being such an amazing influence in our lives, for shaping us into the people we have become, and for giving us their endless love .  We never know how long we are meant to spend with someone, so we must cherish every moment and make the best out of the time we have with one another.  It is never too late to fix a situation or to tell someone how you feel, so I encourage you all to seize every moment and to live with no regrets. -Sierra xoxo


2 thoughts on “365 DAYS OF INSPIRATION: DAY 9

  1. Love you you are a beautiful and I love reading your inspiration words of wisdom always shedding a tear .Alaways a fan love you Oma.


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