“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” -Proverbs 31:8


Our voice is one of the most powerful things we behold and the ability to use it for good is something that each and everyone one of us should strive for within our lives.  However, the ability to speak up when it’s needed can sometimes be a difficult feat.  Rather than using our voice to empower, create change, and bring peace to others, we  often times use our speech to please others for fear of judgement.  In our day, there is a new story of terrorism, hate crimes, and injustice on the news pretty much everyday.  I’m sure many of you ask, why?.  Why does this have to happen? Why do some people lack goodness within their hearts? Why do bad things have to happen to good people? Why can’t we all live with equality and peace?.  The answer to all of these questions, is that in order to see a difference it must start with each and everyone of you.  If we sit in silence to these issues that are revolving around us, there will be no change.  But if each person were to stand up and use their voice to advocate change and betterment for society as a whole, that is when we make leaps and bounds.  Living in fear and silence, is what allows for evil acts and negative ideals to be formed and developed.  I encourage you all to speak up for what you believe in, as it will help those that aren’t lucky enough to be heard.  I promise you that your voice can change the world! -Sierra xoxo


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