Costa Rica

Currently, my trip to Costa Rica is only a short 20 days away and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m slowly getting packed up and ready and as the days go by I ponder the whole meaning of the trip. I’m so blessed that I have the ability to travel to another country to help others. I am so lucky. From teaching English in schools, to rebuilding community centres, cleaning up ocean waste, releasing baby sea turtles, snorkling, and jungle tube riding, I know that these are memories I’ll never forget. Ultimately, I hope that this 10 day trip gives me insight as to what it is I’m doing here and what I can do to help others as I continue on through life. I will make sure to post tons of pictures and write all about my travels and adventures, so that you, my readers, can get a glimpse into my life and see what it is that I love to do. The countdown is on!!! Thanks,

-Sierra xoxo


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