In today’s idealistic world we constantly get a glimpse in to others lives.  Social media, being one of the biggest ways to do so, often covers up what people are actually going through in order to put on a facade that everything is “perfect”. I know for me personally, seeing all of these pictures on Instagram of models with the “perfect” stereotypical body on the yachts in beautiful destinations, definitely took a hit at my own self esteem.  It really plays on young women, even men’s, mental health and truly makes you question if you are good enough in a world that is constantly demanding more. Even in other aspects of life, I know I like doing my work and writing to what I consider “perfect”.  I’m sure I’m not alone. I’ll sit there and do it over multiple times until I have enough control over what I’m doing that I can say I’m finished and content with it.  However, I’ve come to the realization that this is really not how I should be living my life and neither should you.  Going about our day to day lives with the need to feel and have perfection is sometimes that actually holds us back.  Look at how we spend so much time trying to take and find that “perfect” photo to share, spending so much time at work perfecting something that you wouldn’t expect of another, feeling like you aren’t enough – over a silly situation or body image that’s stuck in your head, and even blaming yourself over nothing. We spend so much time seeking perfection and acknowledgement from others that we sometimes miss the most imperfect and meaningful things right in front of us. Let me ask you this, if you spent less time looking for your version of the perfect life, how much more time would you have to spend for the amazing things right in front of you?

Being unapologetically ourselves is one of the most significant things we can do in our lifetime.  Realizing that everyone is imperfect and that you’re wired for struggle, makes you aware of the fact that you are no less worthy of love, happiness, and belonging than the person right next to you.  We are all equal and not one of us is perfect.  It is our imperfections that make us beautiful and place us in the position to fall in love with someone else’s character, to have passions and to invent incredible new things, to have empathy and relate to someone else, and to enjoy every moment that comes our way.  For being happy is looking past what some would consider “imperfect” and enjoying everything and everyone that is right in front of you.  My goal and message to all of you is to slow down, stop, and to enjoy every moment.  Whether that be with family, friends, loved ones, or even in the quiet time spent alone.  Reflect on the amazingly imperfect person that you are and have gratitude for all of the things given to you and for those surrounding you.  Our sense of belonging and validation from others should never be greater than our level of self acceptance.  Let go of the need for perfection and you will fall in love with yourself, starting a journey of amazing happenings that will not disappoint.

This is what I can leave you all with.  As always, if you ever need anything don’t be afraid to reach out or shoot me an email.  Thank you everyone!

-Sierra xoxo



102 thoughts on “PERFECTLY IMPERFECT

  1. What a beautiful post. When I was a kid, I thought everyone was perfect and I was a monster because I have so many problems. But, I guess everyone have problems too!

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  2. I love that you wrote this. It’s 100% true. None of us want to be clones but the thought of not being perfect can be completely paralyzing. Just be you! That’s what makes you special.

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  3. I literally was just working on this. Perfection has a way of eating away at us until we’re a shell of ourselves. Giving it up is the best thing anyone can do.

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  4. I cannot agree to this more. All we see in social media are people’s fascinations and not reality. I’d rather live and sometimes suffer in reality than faking it online.

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  5. Such an incredibly powerful post about today’s generation! I completely agree. Behind every perfect person there are so many imperfections we’re not even aware about. Love the title too!!


  6. Sierra, it is so true that many of us find ourselves trying to be perfect. I gave up on that many years ago and decided to be me. I can attest to the fact that I made the right decision and like you I would like to one day travel the world and help others.

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  7. I am definitely agree with you. This is really inspiring. We don’t need to be perfect. What we want is to just be as what you really are.


  8. It is important to realize we can only be the best us that we can be. This means you need to know who you are, to begin with. But once you do, it’s the most important thing to be the most authentic you that you can be.


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