How many times have you heard the two letter word, NO?…. That something will never work out, that you’re not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough.  Did you then go on to believe it?

I’d like to take a bet that almost 7.3 billion people have had this thought or experience atleast once in their life. Whether you’ve heard it from an employer, peer, family member, acquaintance, or even that little negative voice in the back of your head, its always important to remember that the one in your heart is all that matters.  Never let an assumption someones made hold you back from asking yourself important questions. What do I want? Why can’t I achieve this on my own? Since when do I take no for an answer? It’s important to always challenge others opinions, as well as our pre conceived notions, or we could end up missing out on a lot of what life has to offer and what we have to provide it with.  Not one person has the ability to determine what you can achieve unless you give them the power to do so.  I encourage each and everyone of you to challenge yourself and fight for what you believe in.

As I’ve always said since day one, I really want to be able to share my inspiration and positive messages in the hopes that it can help even one person.  In order to do so, I thought of ways to be able to get my posts on a wider platform and have now ended up having a monthly write up in my local paper – Snap’d. I would have never been able to do so if I took NO for an answer and this is why I wanted to share my experience with you. Last November, I had wrote multiple papers around the area trying to get my posts put in.  After either no replies, or a “Sorry but no thanks” I chose to not listen to what they had to say. I continued to persist and get in to contact with more people before I finally ended up with the chance in Snap’d. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I’m hoping that each of you can take something away from it.  If you are passionate about something and your inner voice is telling you to keep going, no matter what others are saying, I’m telling you to listen.  My point is that no one would be where they are today, or get to where they can go, if they listened to the negativity of others or the assumptions they’ve formed.  In order to follow our dreams we must believe in ourselves even when no one does.  Throughout our entire lives we’ve been trained to doubt ourselves, however it is when we believe in our capabilities that we truly start to flourish.

You are valuable. You are worthy. You are successful. You are smart. You are creative. You are kind. You are funny. You are capable. You are Unique.

Always remember this. No matter what anyone says, you can overcome any obstacle and get to where you want to be if you simply have faith in yourself. Never give up on the amazing person that you are!


Thank you:) As always, if you ever need anyone I’m here… Sierra xo


19 thoughts on “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

  1. The word ‘NO’ can be easier to come by unlike ‘YES’ but it’s good to still stay motivated and believe in yourself. I think that when you’re passionate about something, no matter the number of nos you get, you’ll still keep on pushing.

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  2. I’m always struggling at work and reading this right now has really helped improve my mood. It’s amazing how a few words can change a perspective! Thanks for this!

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  3. This is such great advice. Even the best coaches in the world who mean well are the ones that would tell you that you need to do it this way and not that way and sometimes they are wrong because they never take the time to understand what drives you.


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