Steps in reaching your Goals & following your Passions in life…

Looking back now I started my blog just over 2 years ago. It all started with my two passions of helping people as well as my love for writing.  When I first sat down with my laptop I asked myself what I wanted to get out of this; my end goals, the appearance of my blog, what I’d write about, and how I’d grow this to a larger platform so I could really make a difference.  It continues to grow beyond what I expected.  However, it was a gigantic learning process and I still face little hurtles along the way. What started with a blog has also spread to social media and an editorial in a paper! Beyond my wildest imagination. So, I thought today that I’d share with you my steps in reaching your goals and following your passions in life….

Step 1: Acknowledge your passion!

Get your ideas out of your head and on to paper! Visualize what you want & what you’d like to see come from the goals you have in your mind. Sometimes the fear of just starting something, holds us back from all that we are capable of. Writing this down then becomes a statement of intent and forces your subconscious to accept the commitment you’ve made toward your project.

Step 2: Set a Time frame/ Deadline..

It is so important to set dates for your goals. Whether that be an end date, or multiple smaller dates for the smaller goals you have, it helps to keep you on track. Write these down as reminders on your phone, in day planners, or calender’s! These little notifications help keep you committed and on track towards your target!

Step 3: Work on your Mindset!

Sometimes the hardest step in our journeys is developing that positive mindset. This is something that you can develop far before you reach your first goal. With following your dreams, there can be many setbacks and obstacles that are placed in front of you and its important to focus on mental health as well.  Try and look at things with the “glass half full” mentality and always remember that you doing your best is all that matters. Focus on YOURSELF and not on others opinions of you or what you’re trying to accomplish.

Step 4: Develop your Skill set.

There is ALWAYS something that we can be learning! If opportunities arise where you have the chance to educate yourself further on something that has to do with what you’re passionate about.. Take it! Figuring out the knowledge, tools, and skills that you will need to develop to put your plan in action is incredibly important. Invest your time wisely and develop the assets you need!

Step 5: Take the First Step & stay Committed!

Taking that first step can sometimes be the hardest. Silence those doubts in your mind and GO FOR IT! Jump in with a full heart and mind and I promise that nothing but good will come. One of the most challenging steps however is staying committed. So make sure to keep on track and try not to procrastinate. If you are ever stuck remember that its okay to ask for help from others! Sometimes we just need someone else encouraging us to make a world of difference.

And you’re set! Those are my 5 steps towards reaching your goals and following your passions. I hope these are able to help you in some way no matter where you are in your life. I know that I still personally go over these steps as I’m constantly trying to set new goals and end products for myself.  Also just wanted to remind you all that YOU are the only one who can limit your greatness. Don’t doubt yourself because it will hold you back from so much. Be that person that decided to GO FOR IT!


Thank you all – Sierra xoxo




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