‘I will walk by Faith even when I cannot see”.


I’ve always believed that Faith is what you decide to make it.  Its not confined to the boxes of set out religions, for we all believe in something a bit different that pulls us through those hard times.  If you take a look at the world today, there are over 4,200 hundred religious groups that all believe in different ideals, but focus on the somewhat main point of how faith is the substance of what we hope for, and the evidence of things unseen.  Faith is not having to identify yourself with a certain religious group, it is creating an everlasting star for yourself that can act as a beacon of light on the darkest of nights.  Faith is not defined, for it varies from person to person and can be anything you decide to make it.  It can be a person, place, or thing, that has a meaning to you and can give you hope through hardships.  Personally, my Faith lies with my birth mom Nicole.  I didn’t get to spend much time with her as she passed away when I was very young and the confusion and hurt that her death brought me was something that was challenging to overcome. I tried to run every outcome through my head as to why  something like that had to happen, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that some things can not be explained and you have to leave with the thought that everything happens for a reason.  That’s where Faith is required. You have to sometimes walk blindly through situations and its important to focus each day on living your life in the best possible way and spreading as much goodness as you can.  I use my mom as my inspiration, as you never know how long you will get in this world.  She leaves with me the constant reminder to do good, be kind, have the courage to follow your dreams, realize that everything will pass, and that nothing is ever as bad as it seems.  Faith is all about believing, it is the art of holding on to something in spite of your changing moods and circumstances.  Its the knowledge in your heart that reminds you to keep going and to take one more step, even if the outcome may be unknown.  I encourage you to all walk by faith and find that one thing that will allow you to do so! -Sierra xoxo