Hamilton, Ontario

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Hamilton, Ontario, is a must visit location!  I took a trip down to Hamilton with my family this past September and it was something I will always remember.  It was a rainy day but we didn’t let that get the better of us, we were on a mission.  Originally, after reading some reviews online we thought that we could get to Tew’s fall (pictured above) quite easily by walking down a “pre-made” path off of the parking lot.  However that was completely untrue.  After speaking with some locals we found out that we had to go right down town Hamilton and find the rail road tracks to cross, as all paths by the waterfalls were taken down as it was considered dangerous and a liability by the city.  We were told to cross the tracks and follow the stream until we hit a “T” in the river where we would continue up the right side.  It was about a 35/40 min hike in super slippery conditions as it was raining (we each took quite a few tumbles and falls as the pathways were mainly composed of clay) but ultimately it was so worth it once we got to our destination. We were able to literally stand underneath the falls!!  It was the most beautiful thing ever and was definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I will always remember.  I was able to check one thing off my bucket list during this trip and I truly recommend that you go check it out yourself with family and friends!  It is definitely worth it!!

The pictures above are ones that I personally took during our arrival at the waterfall.  You don’t have to be a good photographer to take a picture of something so beautiful! It does the work on its own LOL.  If you have any questions about how to get there, or where to go, just let me know.  Enjoy!   – Sierra xoxo