The Danger of Silence…

We spend so much time listening to the things people are saying that we rarely pay attention to the things they don’t.  Often times we are afraid to speak up because it makes us feel vulnerable and allows for us to be “judged” by others.  Don’t get me wrong though, silence can sometimes be a good thing when it comes to meditation, quiet moments, or thinking before you lash out, but ultimately, our voices are the only thing that can bring change.  Silence implies consent, lack of empathy, and fear.  With being silent we leave alone those who are discriminated, oppressed, and unjustly treated, its as if we are just as bad as the people at fault.  When we see something morally wrong, do we choose to walk by with our head turned? Or to hide behind our television or phone screens, too afraid to speak up? The truth to those questions, often times, is yes.  That homeless person on the side of the street just wants you to say hello, to have a conversation with them, and to act as if they were another person like you and I. So SPEAK UP.  That person being bullied doesn’t want you to walk by and ignore the situation, they want you to help.  SPEAK UP.  That person being discriminated against wants change and equality, fight with them until its achieved.  SPEAK UP.  Women in developing countries who are denied their voices, rights, and education, need someone to act as activists for them.  SPEAK UP.

We are all so blessed to be able to speak and to use our voices for good, please don’t be too afraid to stand out and to tell your truth.  After all, if you care about someone enough you can hear them even when they are quiet, you have empathy to spur you to help and care for others when they are in need.  Do not silence that.  I encourage you to all watch this amazing TED talk by Clint Smith in the hopes that you can learn a little bit more on the dangers of silence and hopefully it can be a source of inspiration.

Thanks – Sierra xoxo